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Exhibitions & Events

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Yellow Edge Gallery Spring Art Show Exhibition March 2023

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YE painting.jpg
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Fareham 70th Anniversary Art Group Exhibition  30/31st Oct 2021

Cards for FAG.jpg

I enjoyed taking part in the Fareham Art Group 70th Year exhibition in Titchfield, Hampshire. It was the First time exhibiting with the group for me since joining.

On display were  4 of my framed paintings, several folio (unframed) paintings and about 20 cards. I was very pleased to have sold 3 unframed paintings and lots of cards.

My main paintings were Watercolour & pen coast local area and Sussex Land and Seascape paintings representing my love of the media and the joy I take in painting land/seascapes with positive memories for me. I will also be putting in a varied collection of cards.

There were over 350 other paintings, lots of crafts items on display from other talented Fareham/Hampshire artists, So it was well worth taking part and with lots for the hundreds of visitors to view and buy. So overall a great weekend event.

Solo "Coast" Exhibition August 2021

Coast Exhibition Studio 2021.jpg

It was my first time exhibiting alone and taking part in HOS and despite being initially nervous I really enjoyed talking to all the visitors. I had 103 people visit over the ten days. During and just after the event I sold 10 framed, 2 unframed paintings, nearly 60 cards and got 3 commissions. So my first proper  SOLO  Exhibition was a great personal success for me. 

There was a variety of coastal themed Watercolour, Acrylic and Oil paintings and a variety of cards for sale.

The coast has always been a major part of my life and several positive life changing events have occurred due to a desire be near the sea. Therefore, it was appropriate that my first solo exhibition was mainly coastal themed inspired scenes. All of the paintings had happy memories associated with the places which I had  relived in my mind when I painted them.

Studio space “Design can be chaotic, your studio doesn't have to be”....

Getting a proper studio space (from the Smart Garden Office company summer 2020 ) gave me the motivation to create more art and undertake a few other projects. It’s fantastic to have the space to spread out, get messy or just to have a space to store all those gorgeous art supplies in without them cluttering up the home. My gorgeous pup also has a bit of his own space to join me - usually on my feet whilst I'm painting. I’m also looking forward to having people in the studio soon.I love the quote I found ref the Studio space ...... although sometimes It does have to be a bit chaotic - or as I like to say Organised Chaos of Work in Progress lol.....a bit like my dyslexic brain...

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