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Hill Head Harbour

Watercolour & Pen. A sunny Autumn day's walk around area and loved the reflections in the sea, just before the clouds and rain rolled in.

Blue Sailing Day

Acrylics. Decided to have a go at a more impressionist painting. Focus on the things I love, sky, sea just in Coeruleum Blue (one of my favourite colours), bit of white wash and boat outlines for detai/contrast.

HillHead Beach Walk

Liquid Inks. HillHead area is very familiar from dog walking/sailing and living nearby. Tried new medium after a demo and thought the vibrant colours suited the composition.

Hayling Island Lifeboat Station

Watercolour & Pen. Dog walking along from Hayling Sailing club whilst watching the sailing/racing. Loved the way the lines converged. Did a quick sketch there initially. Had to pain it due to vibrant Spring colours.

RS Elite Sailing

Pen & Watercolour. Inspired from watching the RSElite boats racing off Hayling Island. Loved the contrasting vibrancy of the Spinnaker front sails on the boats on a sunny day. Copyright KJHammondArt

Woolston Water Southampton

Pen & Watercolour. Loved this view after several visits to the area whist having van repaired in nearby industrial estate. A view of the water helped to reduce a bit of the stress lol. Copyright KJHammondArt

Snowy Fareham Creek

Watercolour & Pen. View of Fareham Creek on a snowy winters day whilst walking near Trafalgar building. Loved how the snow softened the scene and reflected in the water.

Henley On Thames Barge

Pen & Watercolour. Inspired by visit to the area and walk past numerous barges on a sunny summers day and loved that part of the Barge's name was Summer :-)

Hampshire Coast

Watercolour & tiny bit of pen. Mostly form memories of new forest areas of Hampshire coast. Remembering some of the days when the weather was threatening rain but with some sun breaking through.

Newtown Isle Of Wight

Watercolour & Pen. Newtown has so many happy, emotional, funny and inspiring memories for me. From sailing and spending nights afloat watching seals. copyright KJHammondArt

Southsea Autumn Skies

” Chilly autumnal beach walk, feeling the breeze and smelling the salty air. I love the way the creamy Georgian Oil paints gave the painting a different look in differing light conditions. One photo of it taken on a bright sunny day and the other in the evening. Oil painting Approx. 24” by 24”. Copyright KJhammondArt

East Witterings

Acrylic painting inspired by dog walking along coast at East Witterings. Gorgeous big blue skies on sunny days suited the use of vibrant Acrylic paints. Copyright KJHammondArt

Old Custom House Lepe Beach

Watercolour and pen painting of often blustery coastal dog walking area,near Lepe Beach / New Forest, Hampshire and somewhere I have frequently sailed past. Copyright KJHammondArt

Beach Huts

Watercolour and Pen.Painting inspired by a love of the ramshackle, funky Beach Huts that I've frequently walked past on dog walks, and seen from sailing past this bit of the Solent/Hampshire coast near Hill Head. Copyright KJHammondArt

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