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Karen Hammond - June 2023 - Selected as a WildCard in SkyArtsTV Landscape Artist Of The Year competition.

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I’ve loved sketching and painting since a child, but probably like many of my generation I was put off pursuing art at University as many didn’t see it as a sound pathway as they thought it less likely to lead to a serious or viable career. Funny - as I also did some part time Acting work before and whilst at University. So as another interest was literature and writing- English and associated subjects lead me away from spending much time practicing art.

After working in People Management/HR (CIPD Qualified) and then Training (Adult Education / Training qualifications etc ) for years – due to various issues I took up sketching and painting again on a much more regular basis. Whilst working full time on a couple of occasions I had started part time Art studies but didn’t finish the qualifications due to a couple of bouts of ill health.

I reviewed why I was creating Art and decided it was for my own personal fulfillment and inner need to be creative so decided to do various more practical art/painting courses / workshops with other artists rather then get an Art degree/qualification. 

Painting and sketching are one of the things that have really helped me feel more like myself after previously suffering from re-occurring complex PTSD. Getting lost in the process of sketching or painting a natural land/seascape helps me destress and creates a sense of calm, with the positive butterfly happy high when I feel it’s going really well.

Getting a proper studio space (Smart Garden Office) in 2020 gave me motivation to create more art and undertake a few other projects. It’s fantastic to have the space to spread out, get messy or just to have a space to store all those gorgeous art supplies in without them cluttering up the home. My gorgeous pup also has a bit of his own space to join me - usually on my feet whilst I'm painting. It’s also been nice to have people visit me in the studio – the first time I opened up the studio for the public to visit was as part of Hampshire Open Studios Art Event in August 2021 and then having people who commissioning paintings visit. I love the quote I found ref the Studio space ...... although sometimes It does have to be a bit chaotic - or as I like to say Organised Chaos of Work in Progress lol.....a bit like my brain... and excuse any spelling/grammar issues - as I'm also dyslexic :-)

My artwork is mainly Land Seascapes, with the occasional dog portrait (mainly my own gorgeous pup or relative or friends dogs that I have an emotional connection to).  My paintings are inspired by my love of the sea/sailing, living near the Hampshire UK coast and from dog walking out in the fresh sea and countryside air. Some of my paintings have been painted or at least started as sketches/or paintings whilst on-board boats in and around the Solent.

Appropriately enough one of my favourite mediums is Watercolour. I also use Acrylics and recently started using gorgeous creamy textured Oils. However, I love the feel and fluidity of watercolour to colour a scene. I often use permanent ink pens to sketch out the composition/layout first (as it makes me commit to what I’m painting to try to stop procrastinating and reduce the need for perfectionism lol. Then I add watercolour – usually starting with the sky and then sea as I find that sets the tone of the painting. The immediacy and permanence of the pen makes me be more spontaneous, and then the subtly of the watercolour softens the scene and adds richness and tone. Quick pen sketches are great to do when out and about but I do love to take my time/either afloat or back in the studio where I can really get absorbed in painting a scene whilst I remember the feel of place or look at the photographs I often take for reference and inspiration for future paintings..

 Karen Hammond - ARTIST

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